1240 1280 Mixed cylinder level problem treatment guidelines

This document describes the processing guidelines for the mixed cylinder level problems in the 1240 and 1280 models, which are divided into “low / empty” and “high mixed cylinder level”.

Firstly,Mixed cylinder fluid level is low / empty

Phenomenon / alarm:

E15040 / E15969 mixed cylinder is not filled;

E15066 / E15065 mixed cylinder is empty;

E15064 Low mixing cylinder liquid level;

The ink shows a surplus and is actually empty.

Investigation methods and solutions:

1. Accidental addition of ink

The device showed that the ink had more than 20% left, but the actual cartridge was empty.

Consider valve leakage and other factors, such as VI valve leakage, when the VI valve does not act, additional ink is added to the mixing cylinder, in the early stage, the ink box may appear high liquid level, but the false residual amount of the cartridge ink will appear low liquid level problems:

  1. Close the ink line, weigh and record the weight of the ink box:

run the following temporary instructions, and pay attention to whether the ink flow in the black ink added line.


1280:DP250,J30, VJ1,WM1000,VJ0,WM1000,J,AR0 

Weighing the ink cartridge weight after the program is run.

  • If the following phenomenon occurs, the VI valve has leakage, replace the valve assembly.

a)Black line has ink flow.

b)Ink cartridge weight reduction.

2. Line, valve, venturi blockage —— ink added less / no added

Check and confirm the normal solvent addition

a)If there is also a problem with the solvent addition, follow the blocking step; confirm that the ink plug pin to the VI solenoid line is normal;

b)If the solvent addition is normal, check the ink plug pin to the VI solenoid line; (the black line and the connecting block).

3. The liquid-level sensor

If it is determined that there is no problem adding the ink and the mixing tank has plenty of ink. Tt the ink system and observe the liquid level of the ink cylinder at the operation interface. If the liquid level does not change or the alarm cannot be cleared, the liquid level sensor is damaged and replace the ink system.

Secondly, High mixing cylinder fluid level

Phenomenon / alarm:E15063, High mixed-cylinder fluid level

Investigation methods and solutions

  1. Frequent switch

Frequent switching can also cause high mixing cylinder level.

  1. If the liquid level is high and the viscosity is low, the ink line can be opened or normal printing, and the liquid level may return to normal;
  2. If the high liquid level has affected the normal cleaning switch machine, connect the nozzle short block, loosen the block and row the throat, part of the ink in the ink core will return to normal; If the liquid level has been lowered and still shows the high liquid level, the liquid level sensor has a problem and the ink system should be replaced.
  3. Accidental addition of ink leakage

Refer to “1. accidental ink addition”.

  • Accidental addition of solvent leakage

1)Observe the green striped pipe to see whether there is any continuous solvent flow. If any continuous solvent flow is found, replace the valve module. 

2)According to《 1240 1280 solvent addition problem handling instructions》Guidelines document.

  • Ink foam often causes false liquid levels

You can see bubbles / bubbles to come out of the atmospheric balance pipe (transparent pipe) at the ink core connection block, because the ink in the mixed cylinder is used for a long time / mixed with impurities resulting in more foam, replace the ink in the mixed cylinder to solve.

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