1240 1280 solvent addition problem handling instructions

This document describes the treatment instructions for the solvent addition problems in the model 1240,1280, ink and solvent addition problems, which are divided into two categories: “too high ink viscosity” and “too low ink viscosity”.

Investigation methods and solutions:

Basic inspection:

1.Head height setting

The nozzle height setting in the operation interface should be consistent with the actual situation. If the viscosity alarm occurs, first check whether the physical height of the nozzle has changed greatly.

2.Check with the ink temperature sensor

Compare the ink temperature detected by the device to the actual ambient temperature. When the ink pump is not operating, the two values should be close to that. If the ink temperature is abnormally low, fault the ink temperature sensor.

Firstly,High Ink viscosity

phenomenon / alarm:

E10752 / E15151 ink viscosity

E15152, viscosity control

Investigation methods and solutions:

1.Solvent addition amount test

  1. Close the ink line, weigh the solvent box and record
  2. edit the depository (run twice, weigh the solvent box):



The solvent cartridge weight is expected to decrease by approximately 30g.

 If the added amount is significantly lower than this value, such as less than 25g, follow the following steps to check.

2.Solvent added pipeline blockage treatment

Except for the viscosity-related alarm, the solvent chip may be used out, and the actual remaining phenomenon is more than 20%.

  1. Observe if the solvent is discharged from the nozzle by performing the following operations:
  2. close the ink line and perform system cleaning;
  3. diagnosis | sequence | System cleaning;
  4.  if the solvent level is below 80%, perform system cleaning (System Flush Purge);
  5. log in advanced dynamic password and enter the tool | Engineering | edit sequence | System cleaning (System Flush Purge).
  6. If there is no solvent discharged from the nozzle / the amount of the nozzle is significantly less:
  7. Check whether the solvent added plug to the back of the ink system is unobstructed and sealed;

Note: except for the pipeline / valve blockage, the pipeline sealing problem will cause insufficient negative pressure of the solvent added to the green pipeline, and affect the solvent addition.

  • Inspection valve VR, VV and VJ (1280)

 Take VJ as an example, running valve test (tool | installation) to confirm that VJ runs normally.

  1. If the executive valve tests or run the register, VJ has no action sound, VJ, may block, run the register J100 VJ1 WM50 VJ0 WM50 J, after the operation if no help, remove the valve, drop the cleaning liquid cleaning place for as long as possible, and then the installation test is normal, if the valve or no action, perform the subsequent step b.
  2. Open the upper cover of the ink core, measure the corresponding valve measuring point above the VCB, and check whether the control voltage is normal; remove the VCB plate, and check whether the resistance of the corresponding solenoid valve is normal. Change the corresponding spare parts with any problems.

If there is no abnormality in the solenoid valve, it may be the pipeline / venturi blocked, clean the venturi, and clean the corresponding pipeline, to ensure that the added pipeline is smooth

If the solvent is discharged from the nozzle: indicate that the solvent added to the needle to the pipe joint and venturare normal, focus on checking VM, VJ (1280), run the temporary depository / valve to test whether the observation valve is sound, measure the valve control voltage, measure the valve resistance, etc.

Secondly,Ink viscosity is too low

Phenomenon / alarm:

E15150 Ink viscosity is too low;

E15152 Cannot control the viscosity.

Investigation methods and solutions:

  1. Accidental addition of solvent leakage

Observe the green striped tube to see if there is any continuous solvent flow. If any continuous solvent flow is found, replace the valve module. If not apparent, run the solvent addition test below.

  • Solvent addition amount test
  • Close the ink line, weigh the solvent box and record.
  • Edit the temporary depository (run twice, weigh the solvent box):



It is expected that the weight of the solvent box decreases by about 30g. If the added amount is much higher than this value, the VM valve leaks, and replace the valve assembly.

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