<strong>How to dismantle power 430 machine?</strong>

First remove the cover: Take this thing down again: Remove these wires: Remove the screws: Take out the keyboard: Remove these four screws and the display can be removed:  Remove the mainboard and remove these wires first:  Pull out all the cables below: Ink remover control board: When the power cord is disconnected, the ink machine […]

<strong>How to assemble the Videojet laser machine 3330?</strong>

There are four holes in the base for mounting this column: We can adjust the length of the cross arm by rotating this handle: This column is also adjusted by rotating this handle: This is the laser mount, which is a monolithic, mounted on the cross-arm: Here is the photoelectric bracket used to install the […]

<strong>How to insert logo pictures into Videojet 1210 inkjet printer?</strong>

We select a black-and-white picture, open it, take a screenshot of the picture, depending on the size of the image content: Save screenshot as BMP format: Then select the bmp picture you just stored, right-click the mouse, select Open Way, select Paint: In the drawing software, we select Resize and Select Pixels. The height of […]