<strong>How to see Videojet 2361  External explanation?</strong>

1、USB joggle 2、Ethernet 3、The Ethernet and the other two holes are used for communication. 4、Encoder 5、Photoelectricity 6、The trachea interface 7、Starter button 8、The red one is an alarm, and the green one is normal. It’s red because there’s no ink cartridge right now. 10、 Screen

<strong>How to see Videojet 2361  External information import?</strong>

After the information is imported into the U disk, it is inserted into the machine. Click Settings, click the data, click the external, select the required information, click this information. Click the lower left corner icon, click “yes” transmission, click “OK”, the transmission is finished. Click Settings, return to the main interface, click this message, […]

<strong>How to see Videojet 2361  The system explains in detail?</strong>

A row of buttons on the left, this is boot, running, offline, input printing and delay. There is no ink cartridge, so the keys are gray, so you can’t press them. “JOB” is the message, the following is the printing message, printing frequency and total count, and then the bottom is the consumption of ink, […]

<strong>How to see Videojet 3340 Laser machine parameter setting?</strong>

1、Scaling Settings Each information corresponds to a parameter, which can be rewritten or with one already created. If you want to create something new, click to create, rename, and click OK. You can be made to this newly created parameter, and the following correlation coefficients are default. If you need to modify the marking speed, […]

<strong>How to see Videojet 3340  Laser machine Information editing?</strong>

First look at the information content, information name and mark setting, the following corresponding parameters. The new information is to modify the current information, click the “pen” symbol, click “Edit the current information”. Look at how to edit the current information, this is a character field of editing, and there are 5 previously edited character […]

<strong>How to see Videojet 3340 Laser machine  Menu explanation?</strong>

Click on “Mark Settings” in the Settings. Everything that is created is in this. This is the good parameter that you created before. Click on “Main Settings” in the Settings. In the main setting, the language is commonly used. There are units, production line speed can be selected. A password is required every time the […]

How to see Simple explanation of Videojet 1580 menu?

1.First of all, click the system icon, where you can view the status of the machine, the saving and use of consumables, and print the statistics of the number of products. System icon: Here you can see the running state of the machine: The consumption saving statistics can be seen here: Print quantity statistics can […]