<strong>Videojet 3640 Laser machine:How to assemble</strong>

It says “TOP” on it, put a thick pipe on it and screw it. The other end of this pipe, installed in this position, is screwed. This is the exhaust, the exhaust will be installed to the bottom, and both above and below. Then install this straw, installed in this position, is also an exhaust. […]

<strong>Videojet 3340How to assemble scaffolds</strong>

Install the pillar first and screw the screws. Screw it out this way, lift it up, and screw it out again. Then install the cross arm and tighten the screws. Then there is the rotating shaft, rubber removed, this do not lose, this can be removed, if not see this is not good. Place the […]

<strong>Videojet 3340 laser machine:How to assemble</strong>

This is the display screen. This is a controller, also called the control unit. This is the laser. First, there is a connection between the controller and the monitor. This monitor is to be plugged in this position, and the cable is connected to the controller, both connected to the laser. If there is an […]

<strong>W620 640 Condensing line cleaning step guide</strong>

Inappropriate transportation or brutal handling may result in operational operation, downtime or accidental leakage of liquid from the printer exhaust pipe. Do not transport the inkjet machine with liquid in the ink core. resolvent: operation requirement: When the W620 and W640 Jets are operated or repaired, they should always be placed on a stable horizontal […]

<strong>1240 1280 Mixed cylinder level problem treatment guidelines</strong>

This document describes the processing guidelines for the mixed cylinder level problems in the 1240 and 1280 models, which are divided into “low / empty” and “high mixed cylinder level”. Firstly,Mixed cylinder fluid level is low / empty Phenomenon / alarm: E15040 / E15969 mixed cylinder is not filled; E15066 / E15065 mixed cylinder is […]

<strong>1240 1280 solvent addition problem handling instructions</strong>

This document describes the treatment instructions for the solvent addition problems in the model 1240,1280, ink and solvent addition problems, which are divided into two categories: “too high ink viscosity” and “too low ink viscosity”. Investigation methods and solutions: Basic inspection: 1.Head height setting The nozzle height setting in the operation interface should be consistent […]