How to watch Videojet 1000 series High voltage fault explanation?

Firstly, let’s take a look at our high-pressure deflection plate to see if there are any dirty ink or foreign objects on it: If so, we can use a cleaning kettle to clean it thoroughly : After cleaning, we must keep the high-pressure deflection plate dry on top, and make sure to keep it dry […]

How to deal with the failure of Videojet 1000 series machine recovery?

Select nozzle cleaning in the system, and the point is determined: Now cleaning the nozzle: At this time, hold the spray bottle to the middle nozzle control of the nozzle for cleaning, you can see that the cleaning liquid will go back inside, it will clean the nozzle, one side washed, not enough to wash […]

How to clean Videojet 1000 series machines?

I. Ink discharge Remove the screw of the ink supply pipe of the printing module of the nozzle, and then put it on the waste liquid tank, and then clean the nozzle throat in the system until all the ink in the ink core is discharged. After the ink discharge is completed, install the screw […]

How to assemble and install the valve module andprint module of the printer head of Videojet 1000 seriesinkjet printer?

How to install the valve module? First of all, we install the solenoid valve, the washers above the solenoid valve must not be missing: The solenoid valve is installed: The solenoid valve is installed: Once the pipe is set, we can plug it in here: Just install the six screws here: We have installed this valve module: Be sure to see if there are washers behind this one with three tubes: Then we install it: Let’s install this print module: Then insert the recycling tank into this hole in the recycling tank: Let’s just install the screws: Connect the ink supply pipe: Installation complete:

<strong>How to install the PBA board, high voltage pack, power supply, motherboard and related cables of the electronic cabinet of Videojet 1000 series inkjet printer?</strong>

Let’s install the PBA board first,before installation, the interface between the front and back should be arranged: Then we gently insert the PBA board in: Then install the screws on it: Let’s install the high-pressure package,put it on first: After installing the screws on both sides, plug in the cable: Let’s look at the installation […]