What to do if the nozzle of the Videojet 43S machine is blocked?

First, let’s choose the system: then go down and select a nozzle for cleaning: Then we confirm: Then it will be cleaned: During the cleaning process, we take a cleaning kettle and spray the cleaning solution in the middle of the nozzle: Spray cleaning agent, each cleaning takes approximately one minute/60 seconds. After cleaning, then […]

How to solve the high-voltage fault of Videojet 43S machine?

If our Videojet 43S machine starts up normally, the high voltage fault is reported, which is an overpressure trip. This fault is called an ultra-high voltage trip, also known as a high voltage fault: Then let’s take a look at our side and see if there is ink on the high-pressure deflection plate on this board […]

How to handle the recycling failure of the Weidijie 43S machine?

There are generally two types of recycling failures,One type is nozzle ink core nozzle blockage : Ink line offset caused by nozzle blockage, not entering the recycling tank: Then it leads to a recycling failure. In this case, we need to clean the nozzle. We use the cleaning nozzle software, which includes a cleaning nozzle […]

<strong>How to clean Videojet 43s?</strong>

After the Videojet 43s ink is drained, add about 500ml of cleaning solution to it for cleaning, cleaning for about 20 minutes, need to be cleaned two or three times, run for about 20 minutes, and pause the operation. Remove the pipe, put one end of the pipe into the waste liquid bucket, drain the […]