How to see Videojet 8520 Machine printing content modification and printing?

Modification and Printing of Printing Contents in Videojet 8520 Machine: We can edit the template that we have aleady set up. We choose the second template, click ‘Ok”,and here is the editable content, 1,2,3,4,5 We choose the first one , we can edit by ourselves , delet and so on, click the ‘enter’ after edit, and show the 03 for the […]

How to see Videojet8520 Machines:Installation Considerations?

Don’t use brute force when installing the cartridge, install it gently. When unplugging, also pull gently because there is a chip. If you use brute force, the ink cartridge or the machine will be damaged. When installing the data cable, it must be clamped tightly and not shaken. The plug on the controller should also be […]

<strong>Videojet 8520 Machine:How to Adjust the Photoelectric?</strong>

After the ink cartridges are installed, let’s see how the machine works. It is now off. Click the blue button to start. If offline, press the green button to make it run. This is the true remaining amount of the cartridge. If there is no product, the photoelectric sensor will turn on the green light […]

<strong>How to Install the Videojet 8520 Machine Ink Cartridges?</strong>

First, wipe the cartridge with a lint-free cloth in one direction, don’t rub it back and forth. Lift the fixing plate up. The cartridge is tilted 45°, gently slide it in. Press it down again, and it is installed. Install all four ink cartridges in this way. Note: Do not hit the ink cartridge on […]