<strong>How to see Willett 620 Information Editing?</strong>

Take a look at the message editor, select the tool: There is a new one in the information: To create a new message, there are additions and settings here: Take a look at the settings here. There is a setting for the maximum dot matrix, which can be selected. Now the maximum selected is 24 […]

<strong>How to see Willett 620 languages?</strong>

Take a look at the language of this machine: Click the tool to enter the settings: There are language settings on the localization side, there are simplified, traditional, and English, and there are 3 languages for us to choose from:

<strong>How to see Willett </strong>620  first feed ink?

Let’s take a look atthefirst ink supply of the 620 machine, first turn on this switch, turn it on, and wait for about 30 seconds: The machine will enter the main interface, and it is now powered on: Because it is a new machine, there is no ink inside the ink core, you need to […]

<strong>How to view the common faults of Willett 620?</strong>

Take a look at the common faults. The first fault is high voltage fault. First, check if there is any dirt on the high voltage plate. After drying, the general problem will be solved: The second situation is that the ink dot split is not good, and the poor split of the ink dot will […]

How to see Willett 620 Menu Explanation?

Take a look at the menu explanation of the 620 machine. First of all, this is the main interface where the ink is displayed, and the solvent percentage is displayed here: Now there is no ink and solvent inserted below, so the display is 0%: Here is the total number of prints, and how many […]