<strong>How to see Willett 640 Information editing?</strong>

If you want to create a new message, click on “Information” and select “Information”. If you want to create a new message, click “New” : Look at the Settings, you can choose the lattice here, you can set the size of the text box here, you can choose the direction of the message here, flip […]

<strong>How to see Willett 640 common faults?</strong>

Let’s take a look at the common failures of 640 machines. The first is recycling failures. There are two types of recycling failures. One is the ink line deviation, which causes the ink line to fail to reach the recovery tank and reports a recovery failure. The other is the ink line caused by nozzle […]

<strong>How to see Willett 640 menu explanation?</strong>

Take a look at the menu explanation of the 640 machine, this is the home page, this is the button to start the ink line, this is the button to select information, this is to start printing, this is to adjust the information parameters, this is the printing delay, Message width, message height, and direction […]