Differences between simplicity series and old 1000 series

1) Human-computer interaction: Simplicity series still uses the 1000 series of sprinklers and liquid systems, the biggest improvement is the use of a human-computer interaction interface, eight-inch computer touch screen, simple and easy to operate. Suitable for manufacturers with high employee turnover rates, it has built-in features such as the SIMPLICiTY™ user interface, designed to reduce operator intervention in the printer and eliminate potential operational errors with a directly viewed flat panel touchscreen. 

  • Ink core system reform: Simplicity adopts the replacement service module instead of replacing the entire ink core, which greatly reduces the procurement cost and reduces environmental pollution.
  • Convenience and ease of operation: The replacement of the ink core of the Videojet 1000 series machine requires professional technicians, while the latest Simmlicity series does not require professional technicians, as long as 5 minutes to replace the service module. Built-in, easy-to-understand “how-to” videos are also available to guide you through basic tasks that don’t require extensive training

4)Eco-friendly: The Videojet Smart Cartridge™ system is dirt-free, waste-free, error-free, drains all ink/solvent from cartridges/cartridges, and provides extra leak protection during transport and handling. The Videojet SmartCell™ design also simplifies routine maintenance. The picture of each service module is as follows:

5) Production flexibility: Maintain production flexibility without sacrificing quality, when intermittent printing is required, whether for short-term production, seasonal production, or SKU surge, Videojet 1240 offers a range of features to ensure you are supported.

6) Reduced production costs: For manufacturers who are budget-sensitive and plan to buy a “printer that runs to failure”, Videojet simplicity offers a suitable total cost of ownership solution. User-performed maintenance allows you to self-plan and install downtime to meet your production needs. Our Videojet SmartCell™ service modules only need to be replaced once a year, and operators can complete the replacement in less than 5 minutes

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