Edit the logo and import steps of W600 series touchscreen models

W600 series inkjet machine does not need to use special tool software, only use Windows computer drawing board software can edit the required Logo pattern, do good picture files downloaded through the printer to the U disk, but must ensure that the file format is monochrome bitmap file (*. bmp).

Taking the Windows 10 system as an example, the specific operation steps are as follows:

1.Find the Drawing tool (mspaint.exe) in Windows Start> Windows attachment, click Open Application, and open a new page by default.

2.Switch to the View tab and click the Zoom in button 7 times until the magnification is 800%.

3.Activate the grid of the page by selecting Grid Lines in the ViewTAB.

4.On the Image Properties page in the File> Properties, modify the properties and dimensions of the logo.

Color: “Select Black and white”.

Unit: “Select Pixels”.

Width: Enter the width of the logo in points to a maximum of 300.

Height: The height of the input logo, in points, W620 / 640 does not exceed 16, and W660 does not exceed 24.

5.When you have the image properties set, click“YES”with the following prompts.

When you select “YES”, you will see that the edit area is displayed as a grid, and each of the following grids corresponds to a point in the logo.

6.Create the desired pattern in the grid, as shown below:

7.Resize the logo to leave a point gap on the right side of the logo without leaving any gaps in the lower part of the logo

8.Save the created pattern as a monochrome bitmap (. The bmp) file, and put the file into the root directory of the U disk.

When you select“Save”, the following prompt appears to select“OK”.

9.Check and verify that the corresponding picture file has been placed in the U disk.

10.Open the inkjet printer software and select Tools> System Management> Import / Export Icons.

Select the image file to import on the U disk, and then click the left arrow “←”, to import the logo into the code printer.

11.Once imported, you can call it and put it into the information when it is edited.

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