Guidelines for handling abnormal touch response of Simple CIJ models

Simplicity CIJmodels may encounter display-related problems during use, generally showing the following problems:

  1. The screen is stuck, and the button does not respond.
  2. Occasionally unable to enter the main interface, always stay on the open interface.
  3. The response position is not accurate during the screen touch.
  4. The screen is not responsive after power-on (black screen).

For the above situations, the site can be implemented according to the following methods.

In the first case, the security interface

  1. Carry out the calibration according to the calibration guidelines.(1240 / 1280 Enter the password interface in the secure mode, perform the screen calibration; 1580 / 1880 enter the secure mode interface for execution); and then check whether the problem is resolved.
  2. If the problem cannot be solved after calibration, enter the Safe Mode upgrade menu and use Safe Mode to upgrade the printer software.
  3. If the above operation is invalid, please replace the SD card first;
  4. If the motherboard fails, replace the motherboard.
  5. If the display fails, replace the display.

In the second case, the security interface cannot be accessed

  • Check whether the display screen data cable connection is normal, and plug it in again.
  • May the screen touch fault, replace the display component.
  • Change the motherboard.

In the third case, the power-on screen is not responsive

  1. Check whether the main board indicator light is lit; whether the fan is working normally;
  2. Reinstall the SD card.
  3. Replace the SD card.
  4. If the fault is still correct, replace the motherboard.

Possible Spares and Spare Parts Number:

Spare parts \ model1240128015801880
SD block383552383552611242611242
Mainboard383551383551613594(IP55)/ 611395(IP65)611586
Display component383555383555613615611576

If you encounter any screen problem on the site, whether solved or not, please feedback the problem to the channel technical support staff.

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