How can we handle the nozzle cleaning of the VidiJet 1000 series machine when the nozzle is blocked? How to clean the nozzle?

Select downwards in the system, there is a nozzle for cleaning,Then we confirm:

At this moment, we are holding the cleaning kettle,Facing the nozzle of the machine,Spray cleaning solution in the middle of the nozzle:

We can see that this pipe is sucking upwards.This pipe sucks upwards.It indicates that our nozzle is open .It was supposed to be open, so it sucked in.

He will suck in.That means our nozzle is connected.So if it’s not working.We can’t see this upward suction movement.When we cleaned the nozzle, we found that this tube was sucking cleaning agent upwards:

Then we thought it was okay and it was already cleaned. That means the nozzle has already been opened.If we find none, we will continue cleaning.It looks like it lasts for 20 seconds each time, and then we continue to clean it.We confirm that it can continue cleaning.If we continue to clean, we will continue to wash.Continue spraying cleaning agent.Spray cleaning agent onto the water spray side.After cleaning, we found that.This pipe has an upward suction motion.The upward suction action indicates that our nozzle is sufficient.Then we can start up normally.The pipe has an upward suction action, which means that our nozzle is ready.Then we can activate the ink line.

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