How to adjust the print delay and photoelectric of the Videojet 1510 machine?

In the “Message Parameters”, select “Product Delay”, we can increase or decrease it according to the position of the printed product:

Because the product is first photoelectric, then to the nozzle, and then printed. If 1 is where it is now printed to the product and 2 is where I want it to print, then I need to increase the delay a bit. Increase the delay, the position of the printed message is further back, the delay is reduced, and the position of the printed message is further forward:

After adjusting the delay, we install the photoelectric plug to the left side of the machine:

Then fix the photoelectric:

There is also a photoelectric setting, sensing that the conveyor belt is on the left or right side of the nozzle, when there is a product passing, the lamp must be bright, and when there is no product, the lamp must not be light:

If the light is still on when no product passes, we need to move the photoelectric up a little:

Until it is adjusted to “the lamp is on when there is a product passing, and the lamp is not bright when there is no product passing”.

Then, when we put the print head on the print head bracket, the screw on the print head must be parallel to the direction in which the conveyor belt runs. There are only two directions for the screws, left or right:

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