How to assemble the Unicorn II printer?

Install the two fixing blocks on it, and install the screws on both sides:

Then put this bracket cylinder through and tighten the screws:

After tightening, there is an adapter block here, which is a whole, the overall adapter block, and then put the bracket cylinder into it:

After the sleeve is in, tighten the screw:

After tightening, there is a fixing block fixed on the conveyor belt below. After putting it on, tighten the screw. After tightening, the bracket is assembled:

Drill holes here. After fixing the bracket, install screws on both sides and tighten them. Then fix it on the conveyor belt, or fix it on a matching equipment we want to print on the shelf:

After the rack is ready, the electric eye recognizer can be inserted here

Then, unplug this, replace the ink cartridge, plug this thing in again, and then you can power on and test:

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