How to connect with Videojet TTO hot transfer coding machine 6330?

There are two ways to connect. One is the separation of the power module and the controller. The data cable needs to be used. First of all

The lid on the power module was removed:

Then there is a USB interface and insert him:

The same is true of the controller, the back is also removed, and then inserted it:

If you want to fix it, in which location, there is a fixed block here, you can put it on the wall or other positions:

If you do n’t use the data cable, first remove the two lids, and insert the two connects directly together:

The shelf just now is not used, change this bracket:

Then connect the connection method of the connection cable, directly insert the corresponding interface, and then tighten the screw:

Then there is the connection between the power module and the printer. Just insert the wire:

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