How to deal with the recovery fault and high voltage fault of Videojet 1510 machine?

Select “Nozzle Flush” here:

Then press the Confirm key:

Then use the cleaning pot to clean towards the nozzle:

After washing, we blow dry it with an ear wash ball. Then press this key to turn on the machine normally, see if the fault is eliminated, if not eliminated, continue to use the “nozzle flush” to clean several times.

Another fault is the high voltage fault. If the high-pressure deflection plate is very dirty, use the cleaning pot to clean the high-pressure deflection plate, and then blow it dry, and the high-pressure deflection plate must be kept dry:

After cleaning and drying, we start the machine again. If it is normal, it means that the high-voltage fault is caused by the dirty high-voltage deflection plate.

If we still report a high-voltage failure, we can look at the split. First we press this key to enter the diagnostic interface:

Here we can see the target and actual values of the pressure. Based on this, we can know the target value of viscosity:

The target value is 2620, if it is less than the value in parentheses, it means that the ink viscosity is thin; if it is similar to the value in parentheses, the viscosity is normal:

If the viscosity is very thin, it will also cause high pressure failure. If the viscosity is abnormal, we start the machine and let it cycle automatically until the viscosity is normal, and then we print normally.

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