How do we do the business of an inkjet printer?

Hello, sir. Today I want to share with you some of my business experience.

First of all, I will share our website with you, there is a catalog and free repair videos on the website, which can be downloaded, I hope it will be helpful to you.

According to the traditional business model, customers ask us to purchase inkjet printer, and then we provide maintenance services and sell ink and solvent to customers. And profit from it.

Now customers have more and more ideas. We should be closer to the needs of customers and provide customers with more and better services and products. Let me tell you about myself and my friends.

First of all, my customer has four machines, and then I provide two machines for free. The customer can purchase about 500 bottles of ink and solvent from me every year. Repair and replacement of parts, etc. shall be separately funded by the customer.

Secondly, my friend rented 10 brand-new inkjet printers to customers and charged a fixed rent every month. And sell products such as ink and solvent to customers.

For new machines, please refer to this URL: (Website under construction)

Thirdly, my friend provides second-hand inkjet printer to customers for free, and a fixed annual fee is charged every year. In addition, sell inks and solvents to customers.

Through these methods, you can stably obtain some long-term customers.

In the above way, you can provide a new inkjet printer or a second-hand inkjet printer to customers.As long as the performance of these machines is stable and there is little post maintenance work, the business can be carried out easily.

For second-hand inkjet printer, I can recommend the following models: Videojet 1210, Willett 630, ctrionx 5300, domino A200 plus, Imaje 9028, Imaje 9018, cheef 7500 These second-hand equipment, the price is not high, the performance is very superior. If you rent it to a customer, you should rent it for 1-2 years to cover the cost of the equipment. Under the condition of routine maintenance, these second-hand machines should be able to use for 5-8 years without problems. In this way, you can charge 6 years of additional rental income and 8 years of ink and solvent income.

Used devices can be selected at this URL:

If you choose to purchase a brand-new inkjet printer, my current suggestion is to purchase Willett 620 and Willett 640 These models are relatively cheap. The disadvantage is that these two devices only support English and Arabic numerals. If you want to print Spanish or French text, you can use picture import to print. Because our routine production is mainly a small amount of words such as production date and batch number, and the others are Arabic numerals.

Product selection can be made at this website:

Of course, if you think you really need rich language. Well, I have new suggestions. Videojet 1240, ctrionx5200, domino ax150i, or Imaje 9029 can offer very competitive prices for these models.

We are the agent and distributor of many brands of inkjet printer. If you are worried about the technical service of these equipment. I think I have prepared relevant technical support for you. We recorded a large number of videos about the maintenance of these brands of inkjet printers and put them on YouTube. We can provide an excel table, and the links of the maintenance videos of these brand inkjet printers have been arranged in the table. You can find the corresponding video you need to learn.

If you need these video lists, you can contact our customer service by private letter. Customer service will provide you free of charge.

In addition, if you need to purchase these second-hand equipment or brand-new equipment, you can also contact our customers or email us.

If you need inkjet printer accessories, please go to this website to select:

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