How to draw out of ink and clean machine for Willett 430 machine?

Remove the main filter:

Then short it with a pipe:

Open this bottle :

Find an empty bottle and pull out this section:

Insert the tube into the bottle:

In the system, find out whether the nozzle pipe is clean or quickly start the code printer, click and confirm:

Start ink-jet here:

Drain the ink and connect the pipe:

Add some detergent into the screw of the mixing cylinder, add 500ml, and it can be pulled out:

Screw in the screws:

Execute the cleaning nozzle throat option and click OK (to determine whether it is in the “On” state):

Use the waste liquid bucket to catch it, circulate it for about 20 minutes, and then discharge it. After that, add cleaning liquid, recycle it, and wash it twice:

After washing, turn off the cleaning nozzle throat option:

After closing, open the waste liquid bottle in the same way as before, pull out the tube, and then insert the tube into the bottle:

Then turn on the option of cleaning nozzle throat:

Start discharging ink and discharge the waste liquid; After discharging the waste liquid, turn off the option of cleaning the nozzle throat:

Install the buffer and tighten it:

Take off the short pipe of the main filter, take out a new main filter and replace it. The direction is to the right and tighten it:

Remove the screw of the mixing cylinder, add 500mi ink into it, and then install the screw:

Turn on the cleaning nozzle throat option again, and the ink fills the main filter and buffer:

After running for about 5 minutes, the throat of the cleaning nozzle can be closed:

Return to the main interface and wash the nozzle here:

After completion, start the machine normally. After the machine is started, the cleaning is completed even if there is no problem or warning:

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