How to handle the recycling failure of the Weidijie 43S machine?

There are generally two types of recycling failures,One type is nozzle ink core nozzle blockage :

Ink line offset caused by nozzle blockage, not entering the recycling tank:

Then it leads to a recycling failure. In this case, we need to clean the nozzle.

We use the cleaning nozzle software, which includes a cleaning nozzle in the software and a cleaning nozzle in the system. Press the cleaning nozzle and then clean it:

Our nozzle, we use a cleaning kettle to point it in the middle and spray cleaning agent:

Until the ink line from our nozzle is normal. The first one is caused by nozzle blockage.

The second one is caused by the offset of the ink line, which means that our nozzle is not blocked.

But the screw may have loosened, causing the ink line to not enter the recycling slot.

At this point, we need to adjust this screw. When we adjust it, if it is tilted up or down .The ink line is tilted back and forth. We can loosen this screw, and we can loosen this screw:

Then adjust here, up or down, and then change the front and back of the ink line :

If the ink line deviates to the left and right, then we need to adjust this screw and loosen it:

Then loosen the screw and adjust it, break it here or here :

And then until the ink thread enters our recycling bin :

Then we will tighten all the screws again.

This is the ink line offset caused by loose screws, so we need to adjust the ink line.

If it’s caused by nozzle blockage, we need to clean the nozzle.

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