How to install solenoid valve, ink core plate and pressure pump for ink core of Videojet 1000 series inkjet printer?

We look at the installation of solenoid valve, installation to see if the solenoid valve washers are missing, must not be missing, otherwise it will leak ink:

Three sets of solenoid valves are already installed:

Then we install the ink core board, When installing the ink core board, we plug in the cable below:

After inserting the wire, we pressed the ink core plate down:

After pressing it down, there are four screws on this side that we’ll install on it:

Then install the two screws:

The ink core plate has been installed:

Then we install the pressure pump above, and be careful of these two holes when installing them, which correspond to the two columns:

Then install its fixed column:

Then we plug in its lines:

The ink core is assembled and set aside before we connect it to the machine.

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