How to install the PBA board, high voltage pack, power supply, motherboard and related cables of the electronic cabinet of Videojet 1000 series inkjet printer?

Let’s install the PBA board first,before installation, the interface between the front and back should be arranged:

Then we gently insert the PBA board in:

Then install the screws on it:

Let’s install the high-pressure package,put it on first:

After installing the screws on both sides, plug in the cable:

Let’s look at the installation of the power supply, we plug in lines:

Then, plug it in the fixed post and put two screws on it:

Let’s plug in the wires, let’s plug in the lines of the PBA board first:

Then these are the lines above the print head:

Plug them in here:

Then there are two lines of photoelectric encoders:

Insert them here:

Then plug the USB connector in here:

The lines are all plugged in.

And then we install the motherboard:

Then we install the lines on the motherboard:

The e-barn is already fully installed.

Let’s plug in the lower cable to the PBA board,let’s plug this wire first, and then plug this wire in this position:

This wiring is plugged in, which is the line to the ink and solvent box:

We plug the fan’s wire into this position:

There are two interfaces:

We plug these two lines in, these two lines will not be inserted wrong, because the two lines of the hole is not the same, if the wrong insertion is not plugged in:

The interface that plugs a small line inside:

Plug the big line in the outside of the interface, and the line will be plugged in:

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