How to install the PC board, display screen and cover of Videojet 1000 series inker?

We first install the PC board and the display screen, which are connected together:

If the display is broken and we replace the display, we only need to remove the whole PC board and the display first, and then remove the four screws on it:

Then unplug this row of wires:

Then put the new one on, install the screws on it, and then plug in the wire.

Now let’s look at how it’s going to be installed. It’s going to have an inverse and an inverse, so it’s going to be installed backwards:

You can see the keyboard plugs on both sides, so it must be installed like this:

That must be the position, or the keyboard wouldn’t fit.

Once in place, we put the screws on and plug in the keyboard cable:

Then we put the outer cover on:

To put the screws on:

Then install it:

Completion of installation:

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