How to see Videojet 2351 explainer video?

Now it is the Chinese interface, here are the print files, print frequency, current count, and switch language point settings:

click control:

Enter the language to switch:

There is a time and date display here, and the total number of prints is displayed.

There’s a start button here:

There are run and stop; the lower left corner is used to adjust the delay, the printing delay is adjusted inside, the maximum is 3,000, the minimum is 0,This delay can be adjusted here or by software:

Then click Settings:

to tool:

The activation state of the nozzle is displayed here. If there is a printing delay, 0 means no default; if there is a printing speed, it can be adjusted according to the on-site printing situation. Right and from right to left:

Here are the consumables:

When supplying ink for the first time, after inserting the ink cartridge into the ink tank, tighten it:

Then do this, and then select yes to prime the ink, about 5 minutes:

The following is the ink drain, it takes about 10 minutes to clean the ink:

This is a sensor inside:

Set up standard built-in sensors here:

The following one is to reset the sundry mat maintenance cycle:

This is the debris pad, which is equivalent to a filter screen, which is installed at about this position of the nozzle. It is a consumable item, and it is a cycle that can be reset after it is replaced:

Here is the control:

The first is the language just spoken, and the second is screen correction:

There will be a countdown after the calibration is complete:

The third changes the date and time; the fourth is the image control:

On the side is the import information:

Internal and external:

The inside is the information that has been imported. These 3 information have been imported and can be deleted:

Just if you want to import new information, you can use the software to complete the information on the computer, then insert the U disk into this position, and it will display the external:

Click on the outside and then click on the information name inside, click on import, the information will be imported here, only the software can be deleted in the machine, and the information changes must be operated on the computer:

Select a printhead:

There are input and output, there is an encoder in it, and the printed information can be seen in the print model, production direction, print quality, etc., and you can see it in it:

It needs to be plugged in to display the interior and exterior. If not, a warning will appear:

Here is the ink cartridge usage information:

Click filter lifetime:

If there is a date, it shows that 100% is not used now. If it is used to 0%, the filter needs to be replaced:

Here is the ink level of the ink cartridge. If there is no ink inserted, it will display 0%; this is the ink level in the library, which means that there is no remaining ink level, so the display ink cartridge printing volume is also 0%:

Explain the ab button, the a button should be pressed within one second, and pressing it is equivalent to squeezing ink:

When the print quality is not good, press a and the nozzle side will squeeze ink, wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth:

You can also press b, that is, the air cleaning nozzle, through the blowing air in the air compressor, blow the dirt on the nozzle, press and hold this for a few seconds, press it for as long as you want, and wipe it with a dust-free cloth after blowing clean:

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