How to see Videojet 2361  The system explains in detail?

A row of buttons on the left, this is boot, running, offline, input printing and delay. There is no ink cartridge, so the keys are gray, so you can’t press them.

“JOB” is the message, the following is the printing message, printing frequency and total count, and then the bottom is the consumption of ink, because there is no ink now, so the 0% display.

First   Set up

Click on “Setup” in the “Tools”.

  1. 1、Printhead

Click on the “Printhead”. Below are the activation, delay, printing speed and setting the direction the product moves, and the print angle, with 0 and 180.

Click on “Consumables”.
(1)Prime printhead
Click “Prime printhead”, select “yes” if the calibration, and select “no” without calibration, the calibration time takes about 5 minutes.
(2)Drain ink system
This can remove all the ink from the machine, and select it all with yes, which takes about 10 minutes.
(3)Calibrate ink sensor
Click on it to calibrate, which is “yes”, and “no” without calibration, in about 40 seconds to 3 minutes.

Click on “Control”.
The language can be adjusted according to their own needs, the previous video has spoken.
(2)Date and time
The date and time can be set here.
(3)vision control
It’s used to insert pictures.

Second Diagnostics
Click Diagnostic, in the Tools. There’s a print head, supplies and controls on it.
Click on “Printhead”. There are activation and input methods here. Click “inputs”, here are photoelectric, encoders, etc.

(1)Intput configuration
You can see that it’s now off and the signal is off. When the light is plugged, give a signal and it turns on.

Here there is a constant speed, encoder speed and printing speed.

Click “Diagnostics” in the “Tools “and click “Control”.
Click “Version” to see the version of the machine.

(2)System information
Click “System Information”, here you can see the parameters of the system.

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