How to see Videojet 3340  Laser machine Information editing?

First look at the information content, information name and mark setting, the following corresponding parameters.

The new information is to modify the current information, click the “pen” symbol, click “Edit the current information”.

Look at how to edit the current information, this is a character field of editing, and there are 5 previously edited character fields, and 6 kinds of time.

To edit the time, click Edit in the lower right corner, delete or copy. You can edit the character size, the width, and so on inside. You can choose different fonts, set different formats, or choose the width, height, size, etc. After editing it, just save it, or return it.

Saving is to save the entire information, the return is only to save the modified character field. To edit information, click “Add” to add, you can select on demand.

The first one is the text, just click on the blank space, and it has been created. The font can be modified or modify the content. Enter the content directly, click OK, and the text is created.

If you edit it, you can edit it on the right side of the same page, edit its height, size, location, etc., click to return to this modification.

To add a date, click “Date” in “Add” to add it, adjust its size, font, height, etc., according to the needs, and you can also modify, delete it. Time creation and date are the same operation.

If you need to create a QR code, click on the “IDMatrlx” in the “Add”, click on the blank space, and the DM code will come out. Click on the right side of the same page to modify the size of the QR code; you can also modify the content, then scan the QR code; these can be modified, click OK, the QR code is built. Barcodes do the same thing.

Click “Serlal Number” in “Add” to add the serial number.

The serial number defaults to three zeros; if you need six digits, change three nines to six nines, point OK, and become the initial value of six zeros.

The current value, start value, end value can be modified, can be resized, height, and so on in millimeter. If it is beyond the scope, drag it over, must be in the marked area inside, can not choose to the outside, to edit in the text box inside, this content is all compiled, you can point to save, close on the line.

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