How to see Videojet 3340 Laser machine parameter setting?

1、Scaling Settings

Each information corresponds to a parameter, which can be rewritten or with one already created. If you want to create something new, click to create, rename, and click OK.

You can be made to this newly created parameter, and the following correlation coefficients are default. If you need to modify the marking speed, click it to modify, and click Save.

The delay is how long it takes to spray, and the modification method is the same as the speed.

Stroke delay, jump speed, jump delay are the default, do not need to modify. Energy is the power, this is 50% can also be changed to 80%, do not reach 100%, generally words 90% can be below.

Note: The speed, delay and energy can be modified; the rest is default.

After the creation, point save before closing, and this parameter is created.

2、Information creation

Click the Pen pattern in the upper right corner and select Edit Current Task.

Select “Task Mark Settings” and select the newly built “123” parameter. Point save before close. This setting becomes the “123” you just created.

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