How to see Videojet 8520 machine: introduction and information selection of main interface parameters (consumables, speed, print quantity, delay)?

With a total of four nozzles, this is the usage of the four cartridges. Because it is not turned on, the ink cartridge is not inserted, and the real ink volume can be seen after the ink cartridge is inserted. The main interface displays the speed, the number of prints (referring to how many times this information has been printed), and the total number of prints (referring to how many times the machine has printed in total)

Click “JOB” (referring to the message name), and then select the name of the message you want to print. After selecting, click “OK”. (The content of the printed information needs to be imported, how to import the printed information will be explained later)

If you need to edit, select the option to be edited and click the “Edit” button to edit. The edited content can be changed. After the modification, click “OK” to complete the modification.

If no editing is required, just click “OK”. These information can be called, check the information, if possible, click “OK”, the information is selected successfully.

Click the four-corner button in the lower left corner of the main page, there is “Print Delay” in it. Generally, the printing delay is adjusted, that is, the printing distance is adjusted.

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