How to see Videojet Ink Cartridge, Valve Module, and Print Module Replacement Precautions?

In the disassembly and installation, there are three large pieces, you need to pay attention to the ink core, pay attention to this joint, it must be tight, there can be no gaps, and don’t let it run out of gas.

Pay attention to this pump, be sure to install it in place.

It should also be noted that when replacing, there are gaskets on both sides and cannot be missing.

Pay attention to this valve. After installing it, you need to test it, enter the advanced password, and test whether it rings, that is,the installation is not in place. If there is no sound, it is not necessarily broken, it may also be installed incorrectly.

The thing to note about the printing module is that when it is just installed, because it is new, it may report a recycling failure or the ink line is misaligned, which is normal. If it is not because the nozzle is blocked and the ink line is still biased, adjust the screw; if it is caused by the blocked nozzle, clean the nozzle.

Pay attention to the recovery tank, if it is new, there is generally no blockage of the recovery tank. If the recovery tank is clogged, take it out, use cleaning fluid, and blow in from this side, or remove it from the back and blow out from the back.

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