How to see Willett 620  first feed ink?

Let’s take a look atthefirst ink supply of the 620 machine, first turn on this switch, turn it on, and wait for about 30 seconds:

The machine will enter the main interface, and it is now powered on:

Because it is a new machine, there is no ink inside the ink core, you need to unplug this tube, and then inject about 800ml of ink into it:

After typing, insert the ink into the ink tank, and the solvent into the solvent tank:

Then enter the password, enter OK, and then enter, here, there is a maintenance, select the first system service:

The third is nozzle throat emptying, which is the same as the old Videojet 1000 series nozzle cleaning:

Select it to exhaust, then open the nozzle cover and remove the blockage:

Then find a dispenser, place it under the nozzle, click OK, and exhaust. This process takes about 2 to 3 minutes:

After the air is exhausted, clean this piece, clean the nozzle, and be sure to dry it:

Then you can click on the main menu, there is an open ink line in it that is now gray,

because there is no ink, if there is, click this to start the ink line, and the ink line will start in about 30 seconds:

You can select a message and choose to download:

You can print, click to start printing:

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