How to see Willett 620 Information Editing?

Take a look at the message editor, select the tool:

There is a new one in the information:

To create a new message, there are additions and settings here:

Take a look at the settings here. There is a setting for the maximum dot matrix, which can be selected. Now the maximum selected is 24 dot matrix. Here you can choose to flip up and down, reverse, and you can set the information direction:

Here are the parameters, one is the information width, the maximum print height is 10, word spacing, and delay, you can choose here, after setting, click Finish: this point increases, there are date, time, text, counter, Pictures and more:

To increment the date, select the format:

After selecting, click to select it, and it will be inserted into the text box, and then add the time, and you can also choose the format, and the time will be built:

Drag it to the second row:

Add the third text, enter the desired content, click OK, this is the built text:

Then increase the counter, the default is 4 digits, adding 1 digit is 5 digits, if you want to increase 1 digit, change it to 5 nines, which is 5 digits, there is an information flip here, this is the direction of the information, Font Size You can choose the size of the dot matrix, select as needed, and click OK after the selection:

If you want to modify the current information, select it and click Edit to modify it:

If you want to delete a character field, after selecting it, click the cross, select OK, and the character field will be deleted. This is the information editor:

After editing, click save, enter the information name, click OK, and this will be saved:

The content will be displayed:

If you want to modify this information again, select and click Edit Information, you can enter this information and edit it. After editing, continue to click Save:

After editing the information, click this to select the information:

Select the information just edited, and then click Load, this information will be displayed on the main interface, and now you can print this information, this is an edit of the information:

If you want to delete information, first click Select Information, select a piece of information to be deleted, the currently printed information cannot be deleted, after selecting this, click this, delete the information, and then click OK, the information will be deleted, and the information editing section will be Finished speaking:

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