How to see Willett 620 Menu Explanation?

Take a look at the menu explanation of the 620 machine. First of all, this is the main interface where the ink is displayed,

and the solvent percentage is displayed here:

Now there is no ink and solvent inserted below, so the display is 0%:

Here is the total number of prints, and how many prints per minute:

Then click Tools, and there will be a menu here. Information editing will not be discussed,

and there will be special video explanations:

The second is the system:

USB information can be imported and exported, and the backup of the machine is also here:

Here is the diagnosis, especially important:

The status of the machine is here, and various data can be seen:

You can see the speed of the pump, the recovery status of the liquid level,etc.You can see it here:

Here you can also check the hardware self-test to check the hardware status of the machine.

Here is the electronic valve test, which is very commonly used:

Choose according to your needs, and then this and this, when you hear the sound of crackling and

the electronic valve moves,it means that the electronic valve is in good condition:

You can test here, there is data here, printing, data display, etc. are all in it:

There is a nozzle cleaning here:

After clicking in, there are nozzle cleaning and nozzle strong cleaning. If the nozzle is blocked,

use these two buttons. The nozzle cleaning starts after 30 seconds:

Take the cleaning pot and spray the cleaning agent on the nozzle to help it clean for 30 seconds. Strong cleaning is equivalent to internal flushing.

This is nozzle cleaning, strong cleaning is equivalent to nozzle flushing, it is the same, you can clean it yourself:

This is the cleaning of the recovery tank. If it is blocked, you can choose to clean the recovery tank. The time is 1 minute.

It takes 10 minutes to clean the nozzle strongly. This is the part of nozzle cleaning:

Then set, this can change the time and date, you can change the language, there are three languages

you can choose, after you choose, you must restart it:

Then the production line configuration, which is the width of the product, can be modified.

This encoder can be enabled or disabled:

Below is the photoelectric, you can choose none or external, you can switch directly. 
There are also high frequency and low frequency, which can also be switched. This is the production line:

The next one is continuous printing, now it is off, there are time mode, interval mode, etc:

There is a print head here, you can choose to turn on the ink line, automatic printing,

you can choose to turn off or turn on, that is, after selecting the information, it will be printed:

In the settings, this is the password setting, see the maintenance:

The commonly used one is EHT, which is high-voltage calibration, and there are updated ink core parameters below:

Look in the system service here, there are nozzle emptying, ink core filling, etc:

This menu needs to be in the state of irrigation tools, otherwise it cannot be used, this is an explanation of the menu.

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