How to see Willett 640 Information editing?

If you want to create a new message, click on “Information” and select “Information”. If you want to create a new message, click “New” :

Look at the Settings, you can choose the lattice here, you can set the size of the text box here, you can choose the direction of the message here, flip or reverse you can turn it on or off, you can also have raster repetition, if you choose it twice, then every time the photoelectric sensor is activated, it will print twice in a row, and here is a width of the message, and the height of the message, the maximum height is 10, Length, height, width can be adjusted here, this is an adjustment, or point blank, and then directly input the value, here is the printing delay, adjust here, can also be directly input, or press the plus or minus sign increase or decrease, this is the character spacing, after selecting OK:

Click Add and select New Date:

Select the format here, and the separator here, and the date is inserted:

I’m going to create a new time, I’m going to select, I’m going to insert it here, I can drag it to the front end, and then I’m going to add the fixed text, and I’m going to type whatever I want, and I’m going to say OK, and I’m going to add the text:

The size can also be adjusted. Select the character segment you want to adjust and click Edit. Here you can select the size and here you can select the style:

If you want to delete or modify, click Edit to modify the content and click OK. If you want to delete it, select this and click Delete to delete it:

Add another counter:

This is four digits, this is the beginning, this is the current value, this is the final value, now it’s four digits, modify it to 5 nines is 5 digits, 6 nines is 6 digits, click OK, select 6 digits, you can select this increment, 1 is the induction once, the value jumps by one, once all is set, click ok, six zeros come out:

Add a two-dimensional code, here you can choose the type of code, select this code, after selection, click select, it will be inserted:

If you want to modify the contents of this code, select and click Edit:

Here you can input the content, here you can also select the size, after selecting OK, the content is out:

This is the QR code, after all the information is built, click Save:

Create a name for this message, click OK, and the message is already created. If you want to print this message, click Select Message, select it, click Load, and the message you want to print will be brought up. This is an edit of the message:

After the information is compiled, parameters should be adjusted, including delay width, height, and production line in the Settings:

The adjustment of the degree direction can be adjusted here to about 60, with external photoelectric enabled and disabled. This is the choice of high frequency and low frequency, which is an adjustment of information parameters:

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