How to see Willett 640 machine supplies ink for the first time?

Take a look at the first ink supply of the 640 machine, first enter the high-level password, and then you can see the ink core level:

Be sure to use the ear wash ball to manually inject the ink through the tube. When it shows high, you need to inject about 900ml to one liter of ink. After the injection, the ink core liquid level shows high:

Then install this component:

Once installed, you can put it in:

Then insert the ink and solvent, and then you can see the percentage here:

Then in the next step, remove the plug on the side of the nozzle, find an empty liquid separation bucket, and place it under the nozzle:

Then click Maintenance and select System Services:

To empty the nozzle throat, click this and then click start:

Let it vent, and observe where the ink line is in the recovery tank, if it is correct, the air has been vented:

You can terminate the current program, wash it, and dry it:

Click to open the ink line, you can choose to clean and start or quickly open, under normal circumstances choose to clean and start:

Now it shows that it is starting. When you hear the sound of beeping, the ink supply has been completed, and the startup is complete:

The machine is now powered on, and now it warns that the viscosity is too low, and the nozzle cap is not covered. Look at the parameters, and you can see the parameters in the diagnosis. The flight speed is a bit high, indicating that the viscosity is a bit low:

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