How to see Willett 640 menu explanation?

Take a look at the menu explanation of the 640 machine, this is the home page, this is the button to start the ink line, this is the button to select information, this is to start printing, this is to adjust the information parameters, this is the printing delay, Message width, message height, and direction of the line:

This is the main interface part, this is the solvent usage percentage, the ink usage percentage, both are 0% now, because the ink solvent is not installed now:

The ink should be inserted here, the solvent should be inserted here, and it will be displayed here after it is inserted. I won’t talk about the information, and there is a special video explanation:

There is a system here, mainly the import and export of information, and the backup of the inkjet printer system:

Then here is the diagnosis, you can see a state of the machine, there are various commonly used parameters, and then here is the hardware self-test, you can see a status of the hardware:

Then here is the electronic valve test, which can test all electronic valves. When the valve is opened, it will sound, indicating that the valve is connected. The electronic valve is good. The same is true for other tests. It will sound when the valve is opened:

There are data records here, mainly recording software versions, counts, etc., which can be seen here:

Look at the nozzle cleaning. When the nozzle is clogged, you can use the nozzle to clean it, and there is also a strong nozzle cleaning:

The nozzle cleaning is performed for 30 seconds. After clicking start, take the cleaning pot and spray the cleaning solution on the nozzle. This is nozzle cleaning. If the nozzle is very clogged, you can perform nozzle cleaning several times:

There is also strong nozzle cleaning, which lasts about 10 minutes. This does not require manual cleaning of the nozzle, and it will automatically flush the nozzle:

The settings include date, time, and language in localization. Here is the production line speed, which can be set. This is the width of the product. Here you can set whether the photoelectric is enabled or not. frequency, low frequency:

The following is continuous printing, there are time mode, interval mode, and encoder mode. There are several modes to choose from, and you can choose to turn off continuous printing:

You can choose automatic printing on the side of the nozzle. When the ink line is turned on, it will automatically start printing. It can be turned on or off, or information selection. After selecting the information, it will also automatically print:

This is in the settings, not to mention in the access, this is a setting of passwords and permissions, and then look in the maintenance, there is screen calibration in the maintenance, when the screen touch is not sensitive, you need to perform screen calibration:

Commonly used nozzle throat emptying:

High-pressure calibration, when my machine often has high-voltage failures, the nozzle should be cleaned, and then a high-pressure calibration should be performed:

The following is to update the ink core parameters, that is, when the machine is installed for the first time, the ink and solvent are all installed, and it is necessary to update the ink core parameters once, and update it here, this is an explanation of a menu:

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