How to solve the high-voltage fault of Videojet 43S machine?

If our Videojet 43S machine starts up normally, the high voltage fault is reported, which is an overpressure trip.

This fault is called an ultra-high voltage trip, also known as a high voltage fault:

Then let’s take a look at our side and see if there is ink on the high-pressure deflection plate on this board :

If there is any dry ink, we will clean it thoroughly :

Then make sure to blow dry this piece, and after cleaning, blow dry all of it :

If we blow dry and then turn on the ink thread.

After turning on the ink line, it still reports this alarm or this fault

So we need to use a magnifying glass to see if our ink dots are splitting, okay:

If the ink dot splitting is not good, then we may have a slight blockage in the nozzle. We need to clean the nozzle :

Or perhaps our ink has deteriorated, which requires us to maintain the machine and replace it with a new one. This is the second situation.

The third one is: if everything is replaced, it will still alarm or report a high voltage fault. Even the machine has been maintained, and our area is also dry. If it continues to report this high-voltage fault, then we may also have a problem with the high-voltage package and need to replace it:

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