How to view the common faults of Willett 620?

Take a look at the common faults. The first fault is high voltage fault. First,

check if there is any dirt on the high voltage plate. After drying, the general problem will be solved:

The second situation is that the ink dot split is not good, and the poor split of the ink dot will also cause high voltage failure:

There are many reasons why the ink dots are not well split. It may be caused by viscosity problems. The nozzles are blocked:

When printing, ink will accumulate on the high-voltage plate, and ink accumulation will cause high-voltage failure:

The second failure is the charging failure. It depends on whether there is ink in the charging tank, whether it is damp,and if so, wash it clean:

Then look at the dot split with a magnifying glass:

If the splitting is not good, the charging is not good, and if the viscosity is not normal, the charging is not good.

We say that there is dirty ink. There is dirty ink on the charging head, or the ink dots are not split well.

The splitting of the ink dots is not good, which caused us to burst into charging failures.

Another possibility is that there is a problem with the motherboard, which will also cause charging failure:

The most common one is recovery failure, there are several possibilities, one is nozzle clogging:

The ink line does not shoot to the recovery tank, and the recovery failure is reported:

This requires cleaning, take a clean water bottle and clean it against the nozzle:

Then in the nozzle cleaning, there is a nozzle cleaning, click it, it takes about 30 seconds:

When cleaning, take the cleaning pot and spray the cleaning agent on the nozzle until the nozzle is in the correct position:

The screw is loose, causing the ink line to shift and not shoot into the recovery tank.

In this case, you need to adjust the left and right, front and rear of the ink line by adjusting this screw, and loosen this screw to adjust its front and rear:

If left or right, loosen this screw:

Then adjust this screw to adjust the left and right of the nozzle until it is in the correct position of the recovery tank:

This is the failure of the recovery tank caused by the offset of the ink line. These are the three most common failures.

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