Simple explanation of Videojet 1580 menu

1.First of all, click the system icon, where you can view the status of the machine, the saving and use of consumables, and print the statistics of the number of products

System icon

Here you can see the running state of the machine

The consumption saving statistics can be seen here

Print quantity statistics can be seen here

2.Click the consumables icon, we can see the usage of the consumables, the type of ink/solvent, the expiration date, the date of the first installation, and how long it will last.



3.Click the production line configuration icon to select, create and modify the production line configuration. The production line configuration includes: encoder selection, photoelectric selection, printing mode, printing direction, delay, etc

Select, create. Modify production line configuration

Print photoelectric setting and delay

Printing method: including continuous printing, repeated printing and single printing

4.Merging natural segments is to merge multiple created information together, such as merging barcode and text together and inserting them into the information. We can use a scanning gun to remove the merged information content

Combine the 12 and 12344 information into the following consolidated information

Click JOB

Create a QR code

Select the merged character segment, and then select the name of the created character segment

Select OK to insert the merged character segment successfully

5.Global: Create shift

You can edit an existing shift or add a new one. For example, there are three shifts, and one shift is 8 hours. You can only set the initial time for each shift. For example, shift A starts at 8 o’clock, while shift B starts at 4 o’clock. The difference is 8 hours. You only need to set the initial time

6.Ink jet printer setting

Local settings can be used to set interface language, keyboard language, system date and time

Power saving mode: power saving mode can be turned on/off, and the time for entering power saving mode can also be set

Auto close ink line: turn on the auto close ink line switch and set a time. When the inkjet printer does not print products within this time interval, the inkjet printer will automatically close the ink line

For the printing control, you can select the startup type, automatic (when the viscosity is low or the ink core liquid level is high, it will not be cleaned and started up, and it will automatically start up quickly), cleaning and fast

When installing the system, you can see the machine model, software version number, machine serial number and other software information

7.Software download: After the machine is installed, you can insert the USB disk into the machine, enter this page, select Download, download the software to the USB disk, and then upload it to the Internet. If it is not uploaded to the designated network, subsequent mainboards cannot be updated.

8.Maintenance operation

This menu is very common. You can clean the nozzle of the machine, force clean the nozzle, replace the solvent control module/service module/air filter, and watch the corresponding operation video for each operating machine

After the service module/solvent control module is replaced successfully, a new SN number will be generated, indicating that the service module/solvent control module has been replaced. The 1580 service module is forced to be replaced within one year or 8800 hours, while the solvent control module is not forced to be replaced within 12000 hours.

Solvent control module

Air filter time 1 year or 3000 hours

The ink emptying and cleaning system can watch the operation video on the right side




Here you can see the normal operation parameters of the machine, such as flight speed, nozzle temperature, high pressure value, frequency, pressure, phase threshold, pump speed, ink temperature, recovery speed, etc. You can see whether the machine is running well or not.

Nozzle type, you can see the size of nozzle and crystal oscillator


For the first installation of the machine, start from the first part. After finishing one step, press the next step until the ink line is sprayed normally and the printing is normal

11.Engineering Design

The programs in the engineering design are all set by the machine at the factory. Do not change them privately, or there will be problems.

If the nozzle cleaning procedure is as follows, do not change anything, including punctuation marks, or there will be problems when starting up

There is a viscosity hole diameter, which must be consistent with the hole diameter recorded on the ink core, otherwise there will be problems with viscosity

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