Simplicity CIJ 1240 1280 Guidelines for replacing the different nozzle printing modules

VJ1240 and 1280 currently have 60u printing module and 70u printing module that can be selectively used. The ink parameters corresponding to the two kinds of printing modules are different. If replaced directly, the stable operation of the inkjet machine will be affected due to the uncorresponding standard ink parameters of the new nozzle. Therefore, when changing the printing module of different nozzles, please strictly follow the following contents:


The first situation:

It can be determined that the ink parameters of the current code jet printer are correct, and no relevant parameters have been artificially adjusted. Perform the following steps:

1.Quickly open the printer ink line (the “ink line start and stop mode in the tool> printer Settings> printer printer control menu is set to “fast“, as shown in Figure 1 below), until the printer printer reaches the best stable state, and then perform a fast shutdown;

The optimal stability state at this point means that:

①Target pressure = theoretical pressure

②The nozzle height parameter is set to “0” and the nozzle installation position level (Figure 2 below)

③Head temperature is equal to 35℃± 0.3

④Flight speed Actual = Flight speed SetPoint ± 0.1

Note: If the difference between the target pressure and the theoretical pressure is too large, it means that the current ink viscosity and the optimal ink viscosity are very different, and the code injection printer needs a long time to balance these two pressures and make them equal.

2.Turn off the printer power supply and remove the old printer module;

3.Install a new printing printing printing module;

4.Turn on the power supply of the code jet printer, enter the system, enter the highest user password;

5.Set the printing printing module to the new nozzle size (Tools> Engineering> Production Settings> Printing printing module), as shown in Figure 3 below;

6.Go to the Engineering> Modulation Scan menu and click Reset Rotation Point Frequency.

7.Do “Quick open ink line” and let the printer run for some time to reach steady state:

The steady state at this time means that:

①The nozzle height parameter is set to “0” and the nozzle position level (see figure 2 above)

②Head temperature is equal to 35℃± 0.3

③Flight speed Actual = Flight speed SetPoint ± 0.1

8.After reaching the steady state, wait for about 15-20 minutes to perform “Tools> Maintenance> Viscosity calibration”;

9.Set Ink Line Start and Stop Mode in the Tools> Jet Settings> Jet Control menu to Automatic.

10.Check the cleaning switch machine and adjust the ink line position if required;

11.Install the nozzle to the production line, and reset the actual nozzle height value;

The second situation:

If you cannot confirm that the ink parameters of the current inkjet are correct, the parameters have been adjusted. It is recommended that after replacing the fresh ink according to the inkjet usage, then refer to step 2-11 of the first case.

Note: After performing the viscosity calibration, make a setup backup to save the correct ink parameters:

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