Simplicity CIJ Model Solenoid Valve Detection Method


Simple CIJ software and the previous VJ1000 series is very different, in the solenoid valve troubleshooting can not be done and VJ1000 series models can directly select the solenoid in the software menu one by one solenoid valve switch test, so as to judge whether the solenoid valve control is normal. The following given the simplicity, CIJ model of solenoid valve switch test method: to perform “installation steps”, in the valve test page for all valve solenoid valve switch one by one detection, only need to pay attention to the listening valve switch is normal, if the test passed, solenoid valve control no problem, hear the sound of the solenoid valve is blocked, need to find a way to do cleaning treatment.


Implement the “self-test” in the “diagnosis” menu, where all the solenoid valves are switched on and off, and the problem of the solenoid valve is judged according to the test results


Manually edit the staging run code to switch and test each solenoid individually. The specific method is to enter the switch operation code of the solenoid in the “temporary memory” of the “diagnosis” menu, as shown in the figure below, “J10, VF1, WM1000, VF0, WM1000, J”, the code means that the VF valve switches 10 times, and the holding time is 1 second, the “VF” in the following code to other solenoid code for switch test

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