TIJ Ink Cartridge Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

In jet printing, dust from the environment or the surface of the carton may adhere to the surface of the nozzle hole and cause the nozzle hole to be blocked. A large amount of static electricity generated during the production process will also cause the ink to be adsorbed on the nozzle surface, causing the nozzle hole to be blocked, or the vibration and impact of the ink cartridge. factors such as air ingress. These factors may lead to problems such as degraded printing quality and incomplete printing.

The following steps can effectively solve the problem of blockage or air entry:

  1. Turn off the printing (Stop) on the main interface of the controller, and switch the machine to the “offline” state, and then remove the ink cartridge.
  2. Moisten the clean paper (or non-woven fabric) with deionized water or distilled water, then wipe the nozzle hole panel back and forth lightly (as shown in Figure 1), and finally wipe it in the lateral direction (as shown in Figure 2).
  3. Place the nozzle hole panel against the moistened clean paper (or non-woven fabric), and press gently to confirm that two continuous ink marks appear on the clean paper or non-woven fabric; if the problem persists, go to step 4.
  4. Use the special cartridge irrigation tool to re-irrigate the nozzle holes (as shown in Figure 3), and repeat step 3 for testing.
  5. Put the ink cartridge back in the print head, and start printing (Start), test and confirm that the printing is normal.

figure 1
figure 2
figure 3

Required tools:

1. Deionized or distilled water (for non-permeable inks);

2. Isopropyl alcohol solvent (PN#: 29906, suitable for fast drying ink);

3. Dust-free paper (PN#: 29805A) ;

4. Cartridge irrigation tool (PN#: WLK660036).


1. The use of ordinary paper towels/cloths etc. for cleaning is prohibited.

2. It is forbidden to use other solvents and cleaning agents that do not meet the requirements for cleaning.

3. When the ink cartridge is idle for a long time, it is required to remove it from the nozzle and install the sealing cover to avoid the nozzle hole being blocked.

4. When cleaning cartridges during production, turn off printing and switch the machine to “offline” before unplugging the cartridges for cleaning.

Dust generated on site can be removed by:

1. Use an air brush or blow directly.

2. Use negative pressure for cleaning.  

Static electricity generated on site can be removed by:

1. Ionizer.

2. Check ground:

1) The resistance between the controller shell and the printhead board must be less than 0.3 ohms;

2) The machine itself must be grounded reliably.

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