TTO thermal transfer coding machine:Basic operation of Weidijie 6230 machine

Replace the language in the tool:Replace the language in the tool:

Then enter the settings, point control, there will be language settings:

The first one in the settings is the nozzle, and there are consumables and control:

There are commonly used settings such as horizontal scale, vertical ruler, print delay, printing speed, etc. in the nozzle head:

Back to the previous step, in the consumables, the color bandwidth, the color of the ribbon, and the color strap:

Then there are language, screen correction, date time, default font size, etc. in the control, you can change according to the needs:

Then talk about the diagnosis in the tool, there is also a nozzle in it:

Enter the input of the nozzle:

There is an external 1 external 2, only offline or running status can be set:

Enter GM:

There are code machine mode, printer direction, print mode, print test file:

There are more commonly used event logs. You can see what time to report and what police:

There are hidden states, hidden alerts, hidden warnings, or export to USB:

You need to insert USB, where the location is:

Take a look at the diagnostic consumables, there are carbon belt diameter, carbon band fertilizer diameter, tension tension, printing mode:

Then see the control in the diagnosis, there is no need to change the basics inside:

Take a look at the three on the left side of the homepage:

Here is the percentage of the ribbon. If it is just installed, it is 100%. It shows green, and it will display yellow as below 50%. It becomes red below 20%:

Then we look at the file:

Select the required and then click normal, you will start printing, or you can continue to edit:

Click on this Internet to indicate that the font language can be set:

If you delete the information, click into the database of the tool, and then enter the interior to edit and delete:

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