Videojet 1000 series:How to detect and deal with the problems after the long time placement of the inkjet printer

First, turn the machine on. Enter the advanced password on the date.

Query the password, enter “920087” in, and click to confirm after entering the password.

Note: Each password corresponds to the date of the day, and each password varies with the date.

Click Select “System”; select Solenoid Test and select “OK”.

Change “continuous” to “on / off”

Open the lower door and pull the ink core out so that the valve can be heard. Put the nozzle on top of the ink core to help us hear it clearly.

Test these valves one by one, and when there is a current it rings. If it doesn’t ring, as long as there is a current and the interface has “on / off”, then test until it passes, and then test the next one.

Note: test the problem with the corresponding valve.

After all testing, go to the next step, put the ink and solvent in.(Solvent on left, ink on right)

After inserting it, you can identify it (ink on the left and solvent on the right)

In this case, we choose to be “full of ink core” in the system.

Change the ink “disabled” to “start”, and then press “OK”, it will automatically irrigation. The process of irrigation is negative pressure for irrigation, and the pressure pump is not working at this time.

There is a shaft above the recovery pump will turn, you can touch it turn not turn, if it turns that the recovery pump is good, if it does not work for a long time does not turn it have to remove it.

When the ink is drawn for more than ten minutes, the solvent shows less than 5%. In this case, we can pull the bottle out and see if it is completely sucked in, and the bottle will show a flat state, it will be very light. When this happens, you can replace the new ink.

Then the “full of the ink core”, click “start”, click “confirm”, and then continue to charge, until the ink is all filled into the ink core.

After charging can normally boot, is to open the ink line. Click “F1” to start.

After the normal boot, it reported the recovery fault.

Look at the nozzle, this piece is very dirty, indicating that the nozzle is blocked, to clean the nozzle.

Click “Nozzle Cleaning” in “System” and then “OK”.”Cleaning the nozzle” is displayed.

At this time we take a cleaning pot to spray the nozzle cleaning liquid, will clean the dirty place.

Wash it a few times until the tube is washed. After cleaning, then turn it on.

This icon does not flash indicating that the machine is starting up.

Click “i” to enter the “Diagnostic interface”. You can see flight time, pressure and so on, which is normal. The liquid in the ink core must be medium.

When the ink fills the ink core, it will normally fill with a bottle and a half of ink. That is, after a bottle is filled, it consumes half of the second bottle.

Half through the second bottle, click “i” to see the “middle” state

If it is not in this state or no longer draws ink, continue checking whether the solenoid valve rings; if not, test whether the solenoid valve rings continuously until it rings.

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