Videojet 1240 1280 1580 injection machine interface introduction and commonly used tool explanation

Let’s talk about the main interface. From left to right, the product counting, printing count, total printing, total running time; the percentage of the solvent on the right and the percentage of ink:

The left button from top to bottom is the main interface, operation, adjustment, tools, login and cancellation:

The login password is entered here:

Looking at the tools, the first row is performance, consumables, production configuration, file management, and merging field editor; the second row is global operation settings, communication, coding machine settings, user access, screen configuration:

The third row is downloading, maintenance, diagnosis, and first installation:

Talk about the common part, the first performance, click to see the production count, that is, in the main interface reality:

The second consumable, with models, remaining quantities, batch numbers, first insertion date, validity period, ink simultaneously:

Let’s look at the inkjet machine settings. There are languages, national regions, and dates:

Take a look at the maintenance interface. There are strong cleaning, weak cleaning, print modules, solvent control modules, air filters, maintenance registration:

Looking down, there is a maintenance instructions for maintenance. There are replacement filters and replacement service modules. There are video tutorials in it:

There are high -voltage corrections on our side. We need to clean the nozzle cover, nozzle, and high -pressure plate, and then perform high -voltage correction:

The viscosity correction must be running on the ink line for a period of time. It can be corrected with viscosity after almost 20 minutes:

In the user interview, there is a cancellation time, now set to 60, the default is 15, and the setting 60 is one hour. You must enter the password again: you must use it again:

Take a look at the diagnostic interface. There is a nozzle in the sprinkler. The size, information and parameters of the nozzle can be seen inside:

Here are phase and flight speed. It can be seen in the phase diagram, phase change, phase difference, and the valuation of the phase:

In the third diagnosis of high voltage, you can see voltage, current, and trip value:

The fourth recovery slot can see the state of opening and closing:

Here is the ink system, which contains ink pumps, ink, solvents, and recycling pumps. You can see the parameters when you click in:

On the temperature, there are parameters such as the target temperature of the nozzle, the actual temperature, and heating driver:

Electronic valve tests are all here, you can choose to open and turn off:

Here is a self -inspection. Determine whether there is any problem with the machine to self -check here:

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