Videojet 1620UHS common failure

The most common thing is that the nozzle is blocked. This needs to enter this system first. There is a nozzle to clean: below:

When performing the nozzle cleaning, the cleaning pot faces this spray cleaning agent. You can wash it a few more times. It is about two minutes at a time until the ink line reaches the recycling slot.:

Another is that the ink line is biased. The nozzle is not blocked, but the ink line is off. It may be loose or fell on the screw, which causes the ink line to fall off. This requires ink regulation. The two screws of Songjiu tune it:

The two screws of Songjiu tune it up and behind, until the ink line is adjusted to the correct position, just tighten the screws:

Another one is a high -pressure trip. First of all, take a look at the split ink dots. If the ink dot is divided well, but the high -pressure trip is reported, to see if there is humidity on the high -pressure plate. It will cause high -pressure failures:

Then there is the recycling failure. One of the common reasons is that the nozzle is blocked and does not reach the recycling slot; the other is the ink line offset and does not enter the recycling slot; Test recovery valve:

Select the test electronic valve in the system to see if the valve is blocked. If it is blocked, you must open it, enter the advanced password, and select the electronic valve test:

Find the recycling valve. When the sound of this popping sound is heard, it means that this valve is normal. Some current indicates that this valve is normal. If the test is not current or the valve does not sound, it means that there is a problem. You need to replace it. You need to replace it. Valve module:

There is also a fault that is the phase values. When the viscosity is normal, the ink dot is split normally, and if the phase of the phase values fails, the printing module may have a problem. First, you need to replace this print module, or the motherboard. The common thing is that there is a problem with the printing module, so you need to change the printing module because it has something to do with this charging:

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