Videojet 1620UHS first supply ink supply

First, turn on the machine:

Then open the nozzle cover. There is a nozzle block here. Remember to take it down.

Open the bottom“ ⚪” Ink is inserted into the box slot and solvent is inserted into the “□” box slot:

Then enter the password, default 2222:

Then select the system in the system, select the ink core, and then press OK:

After a bottle of ink is poured inside, the second bottle is pumped by about 20%. The ink core in the ink is about one liter of ink, and the process of irrigation is relatively slow. It takes about half an hour:

After filling, if there is no problem with the machine, you can press F1 to start the ink line. Under normal circumstances, the ink line will be played from the nozzle, and then enter the recycling slot:

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