Videojet 1620UHS Information Edit

First press the direction key to the left, select the information, the first is to select the information second information editing.Select this new information and create a name for this information, and then determine:

F1 can see a font. The font is the size of the font. The default is 7.0. Press F1 to switch the font size. The font size is 5 to 24:

Edge the first line of information directly, press the downrinking key to continue to compile the second line of information. The third line of information is the same. The 1620 machine can only compile three lines, the maximum is 24.0, so you can only compile three lines:

Press Shift+F1 Save:

This third line shows less:

Because there is no right selection settings, modify it in the parameter:

Choose 24 to 3*7, and then make sure that you can adjust it as needed:

Select the information by F2, select the required information, and press it to adjust it:

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