Videojet 1620UHS insertion field

First select this user field, in the menu, then confirm that there are editing user fields, new user fields, deleting user fields, resetting counter, etc., select new creation and press OK:

Create a name for this information, and then press the downrinking key to include text, running water number, logo, etc.:

Choose a new text, there are many text forms below, there are ordinary text, some clock information, etc.:

Come to build a date, select the clock information, there is a code, if you want to enter the current date, enter 20BC/DE/FG.

According to the BC representative year, de represents month, FG represents day, and the confirmation key is pressed after building:

To insert this information into the built text, first create a new message. The user field just edited is edited. Now insert the user field into this text, put the cursor in a certain one The back end of the information, then press F2, select the field you need to insert, and press the confirmation key:

If you think this text font is too small, delete it first, press F1 to select the font size, then press F2 to insert, save the shift+F1:

Then press F2 to select the information, and you will print this information:

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