Videojet 1620UHS parameter settings

Select the information, select the second information parameter, and then determine:

The first is width. The default is 4. If you want to wider, when the speed of the production line is unchanged, or the speed of the input band is unchanged, adjust this value larger:

Below is the height, the maximum height is 10, 10 represents percentage, 100 % height. Adjust according to the needs, this cannot be tuned very small. If it is adjusted to 1 or 2, the recycling slot may hang ink, and the typing is incomplete:

This is a pitch under normal circumstances, default 1, adjust according to needs:

The following is a commonly used print delay. This control is printed to the left and right positions on the product:

These two are upside down and flipped. Two cooperation is used, there is always one suitable for use:

Here is the grating settings, with 16, 3*5 (this represents three lines 5.0), two lines 9.0, etc.:

There are repeated numbers here, that is, spray a few pieces of information at a time:

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